2020 Updates

While 2020 has been a roller coaster year for everyone. We as a business have been thriving overall. We are expanding our business to the One Lake Property and will be based out of their Glass House which will be the activity center featuring coffee, beer, bites, and social gatherings open to the public. They have built their own lake to entertain paddle sports. We will be focusing on stand up paddle boarding activities. 

Along with expansion, we will need help so we are looking for outdoor leaders to lead events. Current positions include:

SUP yoga instructors

Kayak / SUP rental and lesson associates

Road bike leaders for self guided group outings

Any outdoors activity that you are an expert in such as bouldering, hiking, backpacking, etc. Bring your ideas!!

Please reply by with your resume/qualifications by email @ grizzlywaterskayaking@gmail.com

On our main body of water, the Suisun Marsh, there has been some recent tidal wetlands restoration that will bring back about 280 acres of natural habitat. After 80 years of closed off levies to private property they have been reopened!. Once the balance of nature takes over, we will lead tours into the newly accessible areas and allow self guided paddling. 


Thanks for your support and interest! 



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