2021 News

So 2021 is almost done! Over the last year we have seen numerous paddlers enjoying our waters and wildlife. Lost of first timers along with the experienced. About a year ago we were blessed with added water ways in our marsh. The Suisun Marsh had about 280 acres of controlled wetlands returned to natural flows (Wings Landing Restoration Project). This has already helped improve the water health and with that added wildlife seen firsthand. Another round of wetland restoration is already under progress (Hill Slough Restoration Project) and will add about 850 acres of paddling opportunities once completed.

Business wise, we are in the process of adding more outdoor activities in the coming year. We are just working out our agreement with the land owners. Look for kayak camping, day time paddles with picnics, overnight clubhouse accommodations, and other opportunities to be available soon. We will also be teaming up with our holistic nutritionist friend to offer up various yoga and nutritional retreats. Our excitement is off the charts!

*Update on our previous business expansion with One Lake Properties. Things did not pan out as expected due to low staffing. With that in mind, we are always looking to hire staff. So if you have a background in paddle sports and like to share your knowledge, please inquire.

Paddle on!

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